Illustration by Adam J Davies
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“Designing is not
a profession,
but an attitude.”

-László Moholy-Nagy

Body Talk is a platform that was started by Sudeeksha Somani during the lockdown in 2020. The idea came to her during her final year of undergraduate studies where she built and conceptualised Body Talk. Being from India, she realised that there was a lack of information, acceptance and awareness on Negative Body Image and Mental Health, and always wanted to publish it in the real world to help and support others on the topics that were never spoken about. Especially, a Mental Health illness feels like Voldemort’s name, “the one who cannot be named”, because it’s perceived as something embarrassing, non-existent, or just abnormal. Through Body Talk, she is trying to change that. The uncomfortable things that aren’t spoken about are the ones that need to be discussed most because in reality they are completely natural and normal.

Body Talk is a platform that spreads awareness to break stigmas on Body Image and Mental Health through education, resources, open conversations, and creativity. It’s a community filled with empathy, support and understanding.

The website is a place which has various resources like podcasts, Ted talks, advice from the community, books etc to support and help anyone suffering with mental health issues and negative body image. It also has information about Depression, Anxiety, Eating Disorders and Body Dysmorphia because the first step to break stigmas is education. There is a section on stigmas as well which tells the user the correct facts about these subjects; there is so much misinformation out there that builds on the stigmas and stereotypes. You can even see all the campaigns and creative work done on the subjects around the world!

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The Body Talk publication’s first digital issue was published on 21.02.2021 and has contributions from creatives around the world who start the conversation on Mental Health and Body Image through their brilliant work and words.

The print issue is now
available on our website!