Beetle in the Box Film from YEMIOYATO on Vimeo.

Beetle in the Box is a psychological short film by Visual Artist and Director Yemi Alade, also creatively known as YemiOyato. The film takes on a darkly sublime approach to depression and anxiety as the director delves into the alienation and despair associated with these emotions. Beetle in the Box explores the layered parallels between mind and body, whereby the real and mental worlds co-exist to create the protagonist’s state of reality. “My inspirations for Beetle in the Box were both deeply personal and analogical as I intended to take viewers on an immersive trip into my own experiences with mental health. The film is also an ode to Wittgenstein’s ‘beetle in the box’ analogy that I was eager to visually illustrate after stumbling across his book called Philosophical Investigations and ‘Private Language’ theory during my research”.

Approximately 25% of people in the UK will experience a mental health problem each year. 1 in 6 people report experiencing a common mental health problem
(like anxiety and depression) in any given week (Mind.org) with statistics surrounding suicidal thoughts shooting up by 30%  within the past year. Given unpredictable lockdowns and extended isolation periods that came along with COVID-19, mental health awareness and finding ways to express our individual ‘private languages’ are more important than ever.

Excerpt from the Film
(Spoken Word interlude narrated by Tevin Vassell):

Pain is relative.

I’m the embodiment of a life, in a lifeless body

I wonder if anybody misses me,

My energy.

I hide under covers,

As my depression makes me feel so claustrophobic.

(Phone pings)

Am I liked again?

So many contacts in my phone with no contact.

I’m hearing things but there’s nothing to be notified for,

I can only hope this black screen can fill the spaces my soul can’t find.

This bed, has only ever brought me comfort,

My friends,

Never seem to know that I’ve been struggling,

Written and Directed by Yemi Alade
Starring: Florian Lionel
Producer: Yemi Alade
Director of photography: Misha Omelchuk
Sound Design: David Gyamfi
Additional Sound Design: Lorenzo, Anjelo Disons
Art Direction: Yemi Alade, Maissane Zinai
Music: Epidemic Sound
Movement choreography: Juliette Mello
Set Designer: Maissane Zinai
VFX Makeup Artist: Yinuo
Poet: Tevin Vasell
Colourist: Misha Omelchuk
Editors: Misha Omelchuk, Maissaine Zinai, Yemi Alade