by Viviana Salek
Body Dysmorphia is a disorder where an individual spends a lot of time being concerned about flaws in their appearance which are mostly unnoticeable to others. In most cases, when they look in the mirror they see every flaw as if it were put under a microscope, exaggerated.
Many people don’t take this disorder seriously and often think the person suffering is exaggerating.
The hereby looped photographs are intended to humorously show the difference between the exaggerated version from the point of view and self-perception of people suffering from Body Dysmorphia and the one from normality. The goal is to shine a light on how the subject is "ridiculed" and dismissed by people who don't understand the disorder.
I wanted to showcase the doubts, the ugliness and rawness of the subject matter, as well as making the audience see things from a different perspective and feel like they are in the shoes of someone who suffers from the disorder. The message for the person suffering from Body Dysmorphia is to embrace their flaws.

It’s important for the audience to walk in the shoes of a person suffering from that disorder. Every body, their scars and flaws have a story and should be embraced.